Keep your feet in great shape with our foot care services and now your ears too with our TYMPA HEALTH microscution ear wax removal service and hearing tests.

You can enjoy a range of benefits by keeping your feet in good shape. It can improve your posture and alleviate back pain. It can also mean greater mobility. Many conditions of the feet can lead to alteration of our gait or the way we walk which in turn leads to pain in the hips back or both. Feet First Foot Care Services now offers Foot Scanning to check for areas of pressure on the feet that can lead to development of corns callus or affect the weight bearing through our hips and spine. From this information bespoke and off the shelf orthotics can be provided to off load areas of concern. This is most important in those with Diabetes or less flesh on the bones.

We can help in the diagnosis and treatments of a range of foot problems including heel pain, ingrowing toenails, corns callus fungal nail verruca and other infections. Call us today to book an appointment.
Now you can come to us for ear wax removal as well using the Gold Standard of ear care. Microsuction with TYMPA HEALTH quick efficient painless removal of wax reducing hearing loss. Book now for your assessment which should be every 6 months.

Treating the hard skin under your feet

A Corn is made from keratinized skin forming a hard lump often with a sharp point like a grain of sand known as a seed corn. They can then callus over and become painful. Some if left long enough will split and lead to infection. We can treat these and give preventative strategies as well as exploring the cause of their development.

Effective treatment for painful and problem feet

Here at Feet First Foot Care Services, our priority is to help you reach your goal of pain-free mobility and foot fitness. We offer a comprehensive foot care service, from simple nail cutting and hard skin removal to general foot health advice or ear wax removal.

Now offering Gait and Motion Technology Foot scanning and orthotic provision to improve gait and reduce pain increasing mobility and pleasure in life.

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Other services
Prende Warm Wax treatment for arthritis pain fibromyalgia and as an added hydrotherapy add on to general foot treatment to hydrate the skin of feet and hands. Yes we do hand care as well.
Massage of the feet lower leg hands and arms.
massage with or without a bespoke fascial.

Cryopen freezing for warts verruca and removal of skin tags and minor blemishes.

Gait analysis Gait and Motion Technology Foot scanning

Vit B12 treatments for anaemia tiredness or feeling more is needed than your normal 8 weekly or three monthly visit.

TYMPA Health Ear Wax removal by microsuction and hearing testing.

Our treatments encompass:

Routine foot care
Foot health and advice
Corns and calluses
Nail cutting
Ingrown nails
Fungal infections
Diabetic foot care
Paediatric foot care
School clinics
Residential Homes
Home visits Thursdays and other times by arrangement.
commuter clinics 8am and after work 5-8pm
Saturday clinic alternate weeks.
Now we have TYMPA HEALTH Ear Wax Removal and hearing test.

Your feet are important, so keep them healthy! Call our practitioners on


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